Ethel McVeigh​

Reiki Sligo/Leitrim

Reiki Sligo-Leitim​

Ethel McVeigh M.A IACAT

Art Psychotherapists. 
Reiki Master
Seichem Master

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Reiki Sligo/Leitrim

Reiki & Seichem works with the energy in your body, helping to clear away any blocks that may be holding you back in many areas of your life.

Letting go is difficult especially on a subconscious level. Reiki & Seichem helps you to let go of trauma and the negative thinking that creates physical and emotional pain and sickness restoring your own natural healing. 

When you are in balance life supports you! Putting you in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people whither that be finding a health practioner, partner, employer or home! 

If you are suffering from anxiety, constantly getting sick, falling into the wrong relationship or job, try Reiki or Seichem healing and see what life offers you!! 

Reiki & Seichem is suitable for all illnesses and conditions.

Working with men, women & children.

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Reiki Sligo/Leitim

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  • Mind,Body,Soul & Reiki - No.1, Teeling St, Sligo, Ireland
  • +353 87 666 8366
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